Should I Seal the Deck Myself?


My livelihood depends on providing this service for homeowners and businesses, so why would I even suggest this? I will tell you why this is not always a bad idea.  Here are a few reasons why you should do this for yourself…

 Decks are a maintenance issue

You most likely will have to re finish your deck or exterior wood structure every few years.  So, once you learn how, it will be much easier in the future.

Save money

If you do not mind doing the work and have the time, over the years you will save money by doing this yourself.

Personal pride

It is a nice feeling to have your friends and family over complementing your work.  You did this yourself, and for many people creating something with your own hands while learning a new skill can be rewarding.’

You can choose when to do the work

Do you need your deck to look great before a party or event? Do you want your deck completed by April 1st when everyone else does, which makes it hard for contractors to even make it there one time?

Seal your deck more often

Since you have become quite adept at this process, you can always have your deck looking absolutely perfect, as opposed to waiting until it fits into your budget.

Not having to screen several companies

You will not have to deal with the interviewing process of trying to find a contractor who even knows what he is doing. I can tell you first hand that many “professionals” will do a far worse job than you can yourself, due to the ease of entry in this business.  Anyone with a pressure washer and a business license is free to damage your deck or seal it incorrectly so that it will not look very good, last very long, and be very difficult to redo in the future.

Have you had a successful experience while maintaing your deck? Or a negative one while hiring a contractor.  Leave a comment and let us know.

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