Kevin’s Comments

Welcome to our Exterior Wood Refinishing Blog!

Kevin Bohn   Owner

Who is Kevin?

I have been working in the exterior wood refinishing business for the past 22 years, and own Atlanta Wood Restoration.  I started re-finishing exterior wood while I was working my way through college to earn my B.A. in Finance from Kennesaw State University.  My business was doing so well, that I decided to continue upon graduation. I am an avid tennis, soccer, and boxing fan, and the father of an amazing son, Nickolas.

Why this Blog?

After meeting and talking to thousands of customers, one main thing has stood out to me. It is extremely difficult for homeowners, and even other contractors, to receive CORRECT AND ACCURATE information about wood refinishing.  A curious homeowner will receive several different and conflicting answers to the simplest of questions, when they consult with big box store employees, or read random articles on the internet. Often times this leads to the wrong products being used, work being completed incorrectly, and irreversible damage that is often times very expensive to repair.

How will this blog help you?

If you are reading this you are either a wood working professional, or a homeowner interested in either finding a professional or interested in doing the work yourself.  I will help on both fronts. I will link up top rated professionals with prospective clients, and will also guide the do- it- yourselfer through the entire process of cleaning and sealing your exterior wood structure correctly.

Thank you very much, and I hope you find this site helpful.


Kevin Bohn