Wood Care

When we speak of wood care, we will break this section down to many different categories.

There are many types of wood that can be used to be used to form an exterior wood structure.

These can be exotic woods (Brazilian Ipe/Mahogany/Cumaru/Bamboo), traditional pressure treated pine decking, cypress,  or cedar. These are the most common types of wood used.

Not only are different types of wood used, but these woods are also in various conditions before they are about to be treated by the homeowner or exterior wood specialist.   They can be new, old, previously sealed, or previously coated with a solid color stain.

And finally there are different structures that we will address.  Decks, fences, log homes, swing-sets, and cedar shake roofs.

We will walk you through how to tackle each of these projects in a different manner, as each type of wood and it’s varying condition requires a different type of care. We hope you will find this information useful in helping you maintain your exterior wood so that it remains strong, stable, and beautiful for many years to come.