Hire a Pro or DIY?

Ok, so where to start?  Should you hire a pro or do it yourself?

This depends different factors, including your budget, level of perfection desired, your own capabilities, and equipment you already own.

Advantages to DIY

  • Save money
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Once you learn how, can repeat the process in the future

Advantages to Hiring a Pro

  • Save time
  • If you do not have the necessary equipment will not save much money
  • Ensure deck is completed correctly


You can find this calculator useful to see how much it might cost for a pro to seal your deck.

If you want to tackle this project yourself, here are some things you might need.

Assuming you have most of the equipment, you will only have to purchase the sealant, necessary chemicals and find the time.


The time it takes to clean and seal a deck varies according to it’s size, condition, and level of detail work. An average deck, (about 400 sq feet) prepped and sealed correctly, would take an average of 20-30 hours. Calculator Stripping projects take far longer, and newer decks take less time. So you can decide if it makes financial sense for you to tackle this yourself or hire a professional. You can use this calculator  to help you decide.

Next, check out materials needed.